How to choose airbrush?


First, buy a good airbrush. Easy to clean stainless steel fountain pen is the best.

According to the caliber control and adjustment device, the airbrush can be divided into external adjustable and internal one, which is directly related to the caliber of paint spraying, the control of color spraying area and thickness. Therefore, it should be noted that the external adjustable airbrush should be purchased, and the diameter can be slightly adjusted between 0.2mm and 0.3mm, which is the best way to make the model. As shown in the left figure above, the diameter adjusting device of the external jet pen is located directly above the center of the pen holder.

According to the position of the paint pot, the airbrush can be divided into top pot  and side pot type, according to their own grip and feel to choose it. 

Next, buy a good airbrush compressor. It's best to make a special air pump with a small model. 

Plug it in and try it out. The power should be slightly higher, the sound should be slightly lighter, and the heat dissipation should be slightly better. Carefully check whether there is a safety air valve in the body. If there is, it is easy to drip water. Pay attention not to cause short circuit on the machine. If not, it means that the safety air valve is normally blocked.