0.3mm New design nozzle system high performance gravity feed dual action airbrush with 9cc cup
AX-193 airbrush is a customized airbrush for standard users, with a unique quick-release nozzle structure nozzle on the head, uniform air output and excellent low-pressure atomization effect. Precision without losing convenience, easy cleaning and maintenance, say goodbye to congestion. The Nozzle is designed with eight sub-airways, thorough and uniform atomization. The Mirror-grade needle polishing process, separate paint residue, say goodbye to fried spots and spit

We use New polishing technology inside the airbrush pot. It is fine polishing on the inside of the airbrush pot, smooth and flat surface. Wash the airbrush with a little shaking and backflow to clean it. Nozzle concentricity demonstration and Nearly 100% absolute concentricity Ensure that the paint mist can be sprayed straight, reducing the accumulation of paint in the airbrush cap and spraying out paint spots. During the spraying process, you can see that the atomization is very even and the center point is accurate. The Airbrush end-tone section is pre-greased with grease.
Easy and smooth twist adjustment with a certain sense of damping
1.Feed moder:Gravity
2.Nozzle Diameter: 0.2 / 0.3mm
3.Fluid Cup Capacity:9cc
4.Operating Pressure: 10-40 PSI
5.Switch Mode: Dual-Action Trigger Control
6.Paint Distance: 50 ~ 100mm

7.Length of airbrush: 160mm
8.Hose Connector: 1/8"BSP

How to use:
1.The airbrush must work with air compressor. Use the air hose to connect the airbrush to the air compressor and choose the right air pressure.
2. Pour the thinned color or special paint into the color cup and hold the airbrush lightly in your hand ready for spraying.
3. Press the lever to release the airflow, then pull back to release the color to get the spray, adjust the pull back amplitude to control the spray range and concentration.
4. Also adjust the distance between the airbrush and the spraying surface to get the ideal spraying effect
5. Remove the needle guard and approach the work surface and fine-tune the control lever back to obtain fine lines and dots.

Usage tips:
1. Newcomers can use pure water to test spray and practice to get a feel for it. Recommended air pressure 15PSI.
2. Sticky substances such as paints, pigments, inks, nail polish, etc. need sufficient dilution to be sprayed. The lower the air pressure, the more dilution is needed.
3. The paint cannot be sprayed even if it has been diluted with pigments that have a high degree of granularity.
4. Nozzle with coarse screw tooth structure, no sealing ring, slightly pressed to seal. If the sealing plane is damaged during use, the Sealant can be used to seal.
5.When disassembling or replacing the nozzle, please completely return the jet needle to the airbrush body, be sure to install the nozzle and then into the needle to prevent damage to the needle tip.

1.The airbrush must be cleaned after each use to prevent clogging and extend its life.
2. Add an appropriate amount of airbrush special cleaning agent in the material cup, block the shield and pull the control lever, let the air flow back into the material cup to produce rich bubbles cleaning the material cup, and then pour into the waste collection jug, residual waste can be sprayed onto a napkin to check whether clean. The above process can be repeated several times until the sprayed solvent is clean.
3. Use a small piece of cloth dipped in airbrush special cleaning agent, wipe the inside of the color cup clean. Nozzle, nozzle, spray needle and guard inside the color material can be cleaned with a cotton swab or soft small brush. Pay special attention to the residue deep in the nozzle near the spout, which can easily cause the air output to be reduced.
4. After several uses, the airbrush can be completely disassembled to do a thorough cleaning of various accessories. You can use a small brush to do a deep and thorough cleaning of the color channel. For assembly, please refer to the parts diagram on the back.
5. Do not directly put the seal into the ultrasonic cleaning pool. After dismantling the seal, it needs to be separated from airbrush in the ultrasonic pool for cleaning, and the time should not be too long. Such as direct contact with the bottom of the pool cleaning, plus a long time cleaning may cause cracks in the welding and plating wear.
6.Solid grease is required periodically for moving parts such as control rods and control rod seals. Liquid lubricants will not lubricate for long.