Mini table saw for wood working (MTS-3115)

Input power:480W
No-load Speed:8800r/min
Blade diameter:60mm
Max cutting depth:13mm
Blade inner diameter:8mm

Choosing a smaller saw also brings the benefit of saving money,and this 4″ mini electric table saw with 2 blades is one of the most inexpensive options currently on the market.


1.Cut different material with different blades
2.Put t he sawtooth in right direction.The blade should be in firm pressure.The blade needs to be replaced in time when blunt or broken
3.Do not overexert on the cutting material. When feeling the speed down obviously,reduce the push force to make the speed back to normal.Otherwise te machine would be overloaded and damaged
4.Make sure the hands do not touch the blade whe pushing the material.If the hands too close to the blade,use the bakcer instead
5.Push the material in line when cutting.Otherwise it would be resisted, and the accident may happen