helping hand magnifier alligator clamps FDJ-001
This is a 3rd Hand Tool, a helping tool provides helping hands, comes with a Magnifier and 2 alligator clips. The base of the tool is a horseshoe style made of cast iron. All points are swivel and can be fixed to desired position or angle.

This helping hand can be used for various projects and in many applications. Tool is ideal for soldering and working with small parts and pieces. It is a useful tool used in Hobbies, Electronics Assembly, by Modelers for Gluing, in Jewelry and Soldering Work
- Magnifier: 2-1/2"(60mm) Glass Lens with Metal Chromed Frame
- Magnification: (2.5X / 5X) Power
- Base: Horseshoe Cast Iron Black
- Holders: 2 Alligator Clips mounted on a Cross-Arm Bar
- Rotation: 360o Swivels
- Weight: 355 g.